In Case of Emergency

Envision Eyecare has a doctor on call after hours

Seek care as soon as possible

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Shower of spots, floaters or “spider webs”
  • Headache with loss of vision, severe pain nausea or vomiting, cloudy cornea
  • Sudden onset of pain, redness, light sensitivity or cloudy cornea
  • Sudden unequal pupils
  • Significant pain, red eye, discharge, unable to open eye
  • Injury to eye, foreign body or cut near eye/lid
  • Double vision, head injury
  • Sudden visual distortion
  • Chemical or foreign substance in eye
      – immediately flush eye with water for 10-15 minutes

Seek care within 48 hours

  • Occasional floaters or spots
  • Itchy red eye without pain or discharge
  • Symptoms that improve upon removal of contact lenses
  • Symptoms that have been present for some time
  • Mild watery eyes and slight redness

Seek care within 2 weeks

  • Light sensitivity
  • Lump on eyelid
  • Poor night vision or halos
  • Gradual loss of vision
  • Blur that comes and goes
  • Frequent headaches
  • Protruding eye that gradually appears
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